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This candle reminds me of a small ice cream stand in Caseyville, IL that me and my mom would walk to when I was a kid. The shop made their orange sherbert in-house and by the time you were one or two blocks away you could smell the sweet treat in the air.  I always ordered my cone as a twist with a classic vanilla and the walks home were some of the best I've ever had. Thats the experience of this candle for me.


Essential Oil Blend.

Every candle is marbelized by hand and results in a unique candle. No two are alike. As such, the product you receive will vary from pictured.




.:100% American Soy Wax

.: Paper and Cotton threaded wicks

.: Fragrance and Oils free of animal by-product and parabens

.: Hand-poured wth love and care

.: Made in Columbus, OH

  • Safety and Care

    Always read and follow all safety and burn care instructions located under the lind of your candle.

    For best results, always maintain a 1/4 in. wick length, and allow the first burn of your candle to fully pool to the edge before extingushing!

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